Top Ten Reasons to Ride ButtLite IV


Top Ten Reasons to Ride ButtLite IV

10) Mother Featherlegs misses you. Really.

9) Jim Winterer's typically pissed off attitude really makes the event.

8) Where else would you rather be?

7) Confirm your insanity to coworkers as you tell them what you did on vacation.

6) Ends with plenty of time to head to Denver to the IBA National Convention.

5) Serial killers? They're in there......

4) Fergus Hand song lyrics really set the toes a-tappin'.

3) Our dim-witted rally masters make route planning easy.

2) The entire ButtLite IV Rally has been declared a "poetry free zone".

1) Eliminate needless decisions. Win the event and your 2007 vacation time is set.

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