Or, a Brief History of TeamStrange

TeamStrange was founded in 1984--as a bowling team. Eddie James, Fred Eisenbrey, and two fellow female DataCard employees who shall remain nameless joined forces to terrorize the company bowling league. TeamStrange saw unprecedented success at the lanes, as the women racked up the points, Eddie and Fred made an impression on the competition by scattering cheese curls on the lane, and bowling with the much ballyhooed hole free ball (the legendary "fuck ball").

In 1987, we left bowling for motorcycles, and chartered with the AMA as TeamStrange Airheads. In July of 1988, we held our first event, a combined poker run/pig roast. Of course, the park board was more than happy to issue a beer permit to a group associated with that august body, the American Medical Association. We didn't have the heart to tell them we weren't THAT kind of doctors....

In 1991, while on his way to the BMW National Rally in Flagstaff, Arizona, Eddie met up and rode with a man from San Diego named B. Jan Hoffman and his wife for a day and a half. Over dinner that evening, Eddie told B. Jan about how he and Adam Wolkoff had formed a club in Minnesota called the Airheads, how we catered to non-liquid-cooled motorcycles at our events, and about our not-quite-annual Airhead Run. Eddie received a letter from B. Jan telling him how great it was to meet him and to hear all of his stories about his motorcycle adventures and events. Imagine how Eddie felt three months later seeing an announcement that B. Jan Hoffman had "created" a new motorcycle club called Airheads.......... Hmmmmm.... thought Eddie, where did B. Jan get that name from..............Lyle never could keep a secret....
Note B. Jan behind Eddie's distinctive R bike.

In the ensuing years, TeamStrange has established a reputation for hosting a variety of entertaining, challenging motorcycle events. We are perhaps best known for the Minnesota 1000, the nation's premier 24 hour long distance rally. We also host the ButtLite, a multi-day endurance event patterned on the famed Ironbutt Rally. Our Midnight Poker Run--so much fun we CAN'T run it during the day--is a legend in our own minds.

Of course, TeamStrange is nothing more than the sum of its parts. Here are some of the folks that put the Strange in TeamStrange...


LYLE T. BEAR is the President of TeamStrange. For such a nice guy, he sure has a lot of weird friends. By the way, if you see Lyle, tell him to call home. Eddie misses him.
EDDIE JAMES is the only person in the world with over 100,000 verifiable miles on Yamaha 400 Specials.
KEITH "Sleepy" COLLINS is our ethics advisor, and Director of the TeamStrange Ministry of Truth. Or so he claims.
FRED EISENBREY can ride a bicycle and roll a cigarette at the same time.
ADAM WOLKOFF knows full well the location of Waco, Texas, but occasionally forgets about the great state of Nebraska.
SEV PEARMAN, our Minister of BBQ, loves the smell of mesquite in the morning.
MELODY ALBERS is genetically predisposed towards long distance riding. How else can we explain her eating, sleeping and riding habits?
ERV ANDREN liked bikes so much he married the Harley dealer's daughter.

(Photo withheld by request)


ART FOWLER was willing to let us use his name to get our charter, but doesn't want to know about anything else.
VICTOR WANCHENA knows what time it is.
AL ANGEN might have been born at night, but it wasn't last night.


Brent Bruns...that's President Bruns to you.
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