IBET report-Tony Roy #311

Well 10 down and 40 to go to get to my minimum goal. 3 trips so far with 4 legs Trip one just a saturday drive 04/22/00 Buffalo, MN; Dayton, MN; Kingston, MN Trip two just another saturday drive 04/29/00 Chaska, MN; Ottawa, MN Trip three, Mom and Dad think I came back to see them. Little do they know that they were just a pit stop! 05/27/00-05/29/00. Rain, Rain, go away. Rainy friday was 486 miles and Sunday was 550 miles. Good warm up for MN2000 Parkersburg, IA(05/27/00) >Cedar City, IA is not there!<(05/27/00) Waterloo, IA(05/27/00) Winslow, IL(05/29/00) Bangor, WI(05/29/00) Reno, MN(05/29/00) No more till after the MN2000.

This has been a great way to break in a new bike. After eddie tried to give me some grief about the ZX-11 last year before the MN1000 I had to make sure he would have a good excuse to give me grief this year! This years experiment is to see if I can Ride a 2000 ZX-12R 2000 miles without having to go see a doctor afterwards.

The North Dakota Run Fargo, ND 07/22/00; Davenport, ND 07/22/00; Devils Lake, ND 07/22/00; Larimore, ND 07/22/00. The North Dakota trip was a good trip. Lots of great weather and good luck in finding the cities I came up for. Eastern ND is about as boring as watch grass grow but when I got into central ND it turned very nice with rolling hills and good roads. Covered 1036 miles in 15 hours and crossed the continental divide a couple times.


3 days of riding with 14 targeted cities. Day one Leave work and head south to my parents house in Dubuque (base of operations). Hit Waterville, IA and then to DBQ. Good nights sleep and off at 7:30 for Oscaloosa, IA. On my way to Oscaloosa on I-80 a rather good looking collage girls is so Happy to see me, she decides to show me more than most other people. So with a quick "flash" of excitement I'm in Oscaloosa and then to Washington, IA with the Ragbri Bicycle tour going through there the traffic was interesting. On to Baltimore, IA. Stop to ask directions to Baltimore and the only one that knew of it was an old sheriff and he said that he didn't know of any signs or other identifiers. So I go and find the area that is Baltimore township no signs, post office or police. Talk to another local and nothing. Off to Pittsburgh, IA and anther bust. Only thing is a Tired old man next to a tired old general store and a couple of houses. Off I go to Charleston, IA, after some searching I found the sign on the other side of town and then It's off to Tennessee, IL, Monterey, IL and Knoxville, IL. No problems with those cities and then the skies opened up on me and I get wet then I dry out then I get wet and dry out. Finally I'm coming into Toronto, IA and the rain comes again and I take cover under a pavilion in a park till the rain lets up I take the picture and head to DBQ for a good night sleep. Sunday morning brings sun and fun. I head out to Sioux City, IA. Holy Cow is it getting hot out here. Hit Sioux City and north to Little Rock, IA. Nice little town with a nice park. Off to one of the Party capitals of the midwest! Spirit Lake, IA With a large quantity of collage women in bikini's this is a prime city to role through on a nice sunny summer day. Get my picture of the sign and head north to MN Get my picture of the state sign and north to Springfield, MN and then home. All in all a good trip. Only two losers and 12 winners. Covered 1642 miles from Friday night to Sunday night.

Tony Roy #311

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