Well since it's about the halfway mark of the tour so I guess its time to report in. Things are starting to heat up a little. Lots of people have signed up for the tour. Web sites are starting to appear, goals are starting to change (both up and down), and it seems that we are starting to run into each other every once in a while.

This past week had me, like many of you, going to Michigan to attend the BMW National. After staying at the rally site for a few days I went about collecting 6 more cities, and judging by the tire tracks that I saw, many of you did the same thing. One of the best was Boston, MI in the Upper Peninsula. If any of you went there and didn't travel the remaining 25 miles to Copper Harbor, you missed one of the best stretches of highway on the planet followed by a gourmet meal at the Harbor Haus, a great German restaurant in Copper Harbor. What a treat!

When I first signed up for this rally I was looking at a respectable number of cities, maybe between 25 and 35. Then as things started to progress I found myself (like I am sure many of you did) being caught up in the hunt and at this point I am at 51 cities and have laid out three more trips that will take me up to 76 total sites.

Now I am sure that many of you have figured it out by now that between the cost of the film, gas, and the motel bills, that we could have purchased at least 2 "stitch suits" and still had some lunch money left over so it can't be about the prizes. The best I can figure is that we all just needed a really good challenge after a long winter and a list of 92 arbitrary cities pulled from the lyrics of a song were just what the doctor ordered.

Well ladies and gentlemen, that's all for now. May all your Post Offices be easy to find, and your flags remain still long enough to get that dam picture taken.

Happy Hunting,

Tom Roe # 166

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