ButtLite 5000 Intelligence Reports

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July 4, 1999


We present the field of the first ButtLite 5000



Here's a chance to have some fun, play the TeamStrange "Boy that guy looks familiar" game. Place the correct name with the riders identied below. Email your guesses to whodat@teamstrange.com. The person who correctly names the most riders by the close of the Denver Checkpoint will win a lovely prize from TeamStrange. And don't bother complaining about picture size or resolution. Its our contest.

BMW K-Series Riders


BMW R-Series Riders


Honda CBX Rider


Kawasaki Concours Rider


Ducati Rider


FJ Rider


Harley-Davidson Riders


Honda Goldwing Riders


Honda PC800 Rider


Honda ST1100 Riders


Honda VFR Rider


Kawasaki KLR Rider (or so he claims)



Triumph Riders

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