2018 Grand Tour of Georgia
March 31 - November 15, 2018

The 2018 Grand Tour of Georgia provides you a great opportunity to see the beautiful state of Georgia by following some truly great back roads. This is your Passport to some great riding!

The 2018 Tour highlights various scenic roads throughout the state of Georgia. Some of these you probably have stumbled upon on your own ó but for the others, we hope that you trust our routing choices.

There are few states east of the Mississippi that have the sheer variety of riding opportunities ó from twisty mountain roads to sweeping farmland overlooks to the salt air of the low lying marshes. Georgia has the spectrum of roads to meet any riderís interest and technical ability.

In the Passport youíll find details for about 20 checkpoint locations that have been selected for the 2018 Grand Tour of Georgia. To complete this riding adventure you must document visiting 17 of the 20 locations.

In 2018 there are no required routes, so each participant has the complete flexibility to do any of the 17 that interests you. Remember - you have between March 31 and November 15 to ride these routes.

For each route, there is a target bonus identified midway along the route. This target and itís coordinates are underlined within the Passport. A photograph of this target is what you will use to document your completion of the route.

Cost is $30.00 solo, $40.00 two-up.

Proceeds from the Grand Tour of Georgia will be donated to the Dr. James Weaver III Memorial Scholarship at Auburn University, in honor of GTGA founder Jim Weaver. There will also be an opportunity for riders to contribute to another cause which will be announced when the passports are sent out.

Several people were instrumental in making the 2018 Grand Tour of Georgia possible. David Clark, Lisa Erbes and Kevin Lechner all contributed their expertise, enthusiasm, and willingness to assist in any and all ways.

Thank you for your interest in and riding the 2018 Grand Tour of Georgia.

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