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2013 Team Lyle Minnesota
8-Hour Rally

July 20, 2013

Long Distance Rally Curious?

The 8-hour TEAM LYLE MINNESOTA rally is the perfect event to dip your toe into the long distance motorcycle rally waters. We also plan to challenge and keep grizzled Iron Butt veterans on their toes with the LDR’s most Holy of Grails: reading comprehension. There are no riddles or tricks, a successful rally rider simply creates, from a mapping and routing puzzle, a point-scoring 8-hour route to ride, while following simple directions to answer to easy questions or on occasion pick up a cash register receipt to document a location. Like past Team Lyle Minnesota events you will not need to have a camera, a GPS unit, a computer, or even a modern motorcycle to have fun and compete. You will need a sense of humor and the desire to spend a day riding to interesting and historic locations.

We will have an optional “Unplugged” bonus available this year for those that do not wish to use GPS or computers. Entrants are welcome to run their digitally equipped full-on rally bikes; however the “Unplugged” bonus will greatly minimize any advantages a digitally equipped rally rider might garner. The rally will also award valuable bonus points to older motorcycles based on a weighted model year class structure:

2013-1993 (Modern)
1992-1973 (Classic)
1972-1953 (Vintage)
1952 and older (Antique)

The Team Lyle Minnesota will be a great way to stretch the legs of that piece of history in your garage; we would love to see your classic, vintage, or antique machine compete in this event. Trophies will be awarded to the top 5 overall finishers. A “Lyle T. Bear” award will also be given to the entrant (or team) that the rally master feels has most demonstrated the Spirit of the Rally – having fun while raising gobs of money for Eddie’s Road!

Freaks, Greeks, and Clowns welcome. Team Strange Uniform Rules do apply to this event and need to be reviewed, understood, and adhered to by all entrants.

Rally staff will be on hand at to check in riders at Leonardo’s Basement workshop in St. Paul by 6:45 AM. We will have coffee and pastries available. There will be a brief riders meeting held at 7:45 AM, with the rally pack handed out as quickly as possible.  You will receive your route sheets, a State of Minnesota Highway map, and commemorative rally swag. All bonus locations can be located using the Minnesota state highway map and the route sheet directions. You will want to bring items to mark and calculate your route - pens, highlighters, post-it flags, a calculator, knotted string, etc. Riders will have about an hour to plan routes prior to the rally clock starting. Riders will be free to leave at 9:00 AM - the rally runs to 5:00 PM with a ten minute penalty window at the finish. A rider who is not checked in by 5:10:01 PM will be classified as DNF.

This event is a low key, casual and fun event whose main focus is raising money for Eddie’s Road through rider entry fees, contributions, and an auction to be held at the event. If Team Lyle Minnesota history serves as a guide you may well have chance to meet past Team Strange Iron Butt Champions and gold medalists - perhaps even a freshly crowned 2013 Iron Butt Champion. You will certainly meet welcoming and great motorcycle people who LOVE to ride their motorcycles and have great time doing so – we always have room for more to join in the fun!

If riders, their family, friends and good souls like you wish to do more to raise funds for Eddie’s Road. Here is your chance! At FIRSTGIVING, you can sponsor a rider, make cash donations, or join in teams to raise even more funds. We look forward to your support in reaching our goal of raising $2,500 for abused kids during 2013 Team Lyle Minnesota.

Donations of motorcycle related items are also graciously accepted for the auction that will be held at the event. Please contact the Rallymaster if you have an item you would like to donate.

Hope to see you there!

-- Jim Weatherhead, Rallymaster

Leonardo's Basement
1188 W. Hubbard Ave (Griggs Park)
St Paul, MN
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Click the link below to download the entry form. Print and fill it out the form completely. Be sure to read the release information at the bottom, then sign it and send it to the address shown at the top of the form.

** After July 1, contact Rallymaster for late entry instructions **


All entrants, including PayPal users, must send in an entry form!


Option 1:  Enclose a check or money order for the appropriate amount with your entry form.

Option 2:  Pay electronically by choosing the appropriate PayPal* option below.

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