2011 Team Lyle 8-Hour Rally
June 18, 2011

With the Minnesota 1000 having moved off to late July this year, we found ourselves feeling kinda sad about the traditional June weekend when the MN1K would normally be held. A number of our friends will be heading off to the Iron Butt Rally, and those of us not riding in that were feeling a bit forlorn. Then we thought...Hey! Letís come up with something fun and different for ourselves to do that weekend.

And so we did. TeamStrange is proud to announce the inaugural edition of the Team Lyle 8 Hour Rally, an opportunity to gather with friends old and new on Saturday, June 18th, for eight hours of Minnesota 1000-style fun. Bobís Java Hut (find it) will be rally headquarters for the start and the finish. All riders will receive a route sheet (no photo bonuses), a rally shirt and decals, with all entry fees above these costs donated directly to Eddieís Road. The rally will be an excellent opportunity for new riders to get a taste of what the Minnesota 1000 is like, for experienced riders who no longer enjoy riding at night or in more competitive events, and for everyone to raise money for a most worthy charitable cause. While the route sheet will provide challenges for those who enjoy true competition, we also encourage entrants to consider riding their non-rally bikes, vintage iron or even a sidecar rig. It should be a hoot.

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